HX Batteries

The DataSafe HX range of valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed to offer superior solutions for the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Information Technology markets. DataSafe HX batteries are the ideal source of power to protect vital systems and incorporates select design features that maximise reliability while ensuring superior performance and an excellent service life.

DataSafe HX batteries are designed using proven gas recombination technology that removes the need for regular water addition by controlling the evolution of hydrogen and oxygen during charging. The use of gas recombination technology for lead acid batteries has totally changed the concept of standby power. This technology provides the user with the freedom to use lead acid batteries in a wide range of applications.

Built on advanced electrochemistry and backed by over 100 years experience in battery technology and manufacture, DataSafe HX monoblocs have been specifically developed for high discharge rate applications.

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  • Specifically developed for UPS applications
  • 6 & 12 volt monoblocs
  • 23 to 780 Watts/cell sizes (15 min. rate to 1.67Vpc at 25ºC)
  • High power density
  • Optimum footprint and volume efficiency
  • Long design life
  • Proven VRLA AGM technology