HX Plus Batteries

As the cost of electrical energy continues to rise and as energy consumption in applications such as data centres continues to grow, energy efficiency has become a topic of rising interest and concern for the UPS industry.

Furthermore, the increasing awareness of the impact of energy consumption on the environment has put additional pressure on decision makers to develop genuine power management strategies and to invest in eco-friendly initiatives. As a result, reducing power usage through green initiatives has now become a critical objective for many UPS players who have tried to respond by developing higher efficiency power management systems in order to reduce energy losses and ultimately operating costs.

EnerSys®, one of the world’s largest industrial battery manufacturers and a leader in stored energy solutions, is proud to be doing its part by developing the most effective and innovative products for a wide range of applications. EnerSys’ DataSafe® HX Plus range of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries can significantly contribute to helping customers ultimately achieve their business goals in mission-critical power back-up applications. Using proven and advanced Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology (TPPL), combined with the selection of high grade, high purity materials enables EnerSys to deliver products with outstanding features and benefits and ultimately excellent value for money.

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  • 360, 420, 507, 560, 590 & 660 Watts per Cell sizes (15min. rate to 1.67Vpc at 25°C)
  • Specifically designed for high-rate discharge applications
  • Excellent power density
  • Long design life: 12+ years at 20°C
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low total cost of ownership